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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on Dailymotion Dear Fellow Angler, We all spend hours at the lake, we all have our own techniques, some of them work, and lets be honest – some of them we could probably improve. More often then not the best techniques (the ones that land the biggest fish) are the biggest secrets you only learn through hours of practice and countless mistakes. – NOT ANYMORE!
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A couple of fish I managd to get on video while ice fishing in Minnesota in January 2016.Inside this months MTB: 1. Kenders Outdoors Tungsten Jig – $5.00 2. Northland Tackle Macho Minnow – $4.99 3. Vicious Fishing 4lb Ice Fishing Line – $2.99 4.Things get bad at 2:50 Chris gets rekt at 5:00 1R1R gets rekt at 5:20 AJ poops his pants at 7:30 Check out Chris channel!Dont forget to Like/Comment/Subscribe for more! Ice fishing crappies and sunnies Minnesota 1/17/16.Nice pike came by, but was not interested in eating my shiner. He sat there for about 7 minutes I [More]
Sorry for all the wind in the vid! checking out Reynolds ponds for the first time this year. Check out my Facebook Page \r\rreynolds ponds manitoba ( Lafarge pits ) Manitoba \r\rShooting our Simonov sks.\r\rCanams grizzlys Sportsmans brute force mud pro balls deep.\r\rPlayin in some mud, water, and sand @ Reynolds Ponds.
Amazing Two Children Catch Fish in the Pond​​ – Net Fishing In Cambodia – Catch a Cook. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more videos.
vidéo en immersion avec des vairons (petits poissons deau douce) piégés par une bouteille contenant du pain pour les leurrer.
Occurred on January 1, 2017 / Texas Info from Licensor: “There isn’t an established record for the farthest bow fishing shot, so I decided to go out and make one myself.”
Catching Fish in Bangladesh Village pond WATCH LIKE AND SHARE FOLLOW NOW PRINCEMOJO
This video is showing how an amazing girl goes fishing alone outside in a acountryside in Cambodia 2016
Sat 20th June _______________Todays Catch______________ Common Carp, Caught It Today At Around 4:00pm ,Weighed in at 4.8lb Released With Out Any Harm. Weather : Overcast Sky,Windy Bait : Bread loaf Moon Phase :Waxing Crescent 18% Of Full Main Line : 8.0lb Hook Length : 8″ Of 7.4lb Hook Size : 12 Method : 28g Bomb Weight Ledger , With Crust Of Bread Location : Local Pond Rod : Fox Match Progressive Curve Float Rod Reel : Shakespeare
How I cought Carp on pond in July.
This is a clip where Carolina Outdoor Magazine Pro Staff member and 843 Fishing Tv’s Bruce Gustafson talks about algae growth in small ponds
I know I’ve got the itch to fish but are you ready for some spring bass fishing? As you’ll see in this video I couldn’t resist doing some early spring pond hoping. My Blogs: The Boat Ramp – Website – Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr – Instagram – Pinterest – *MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO* Killing Time by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
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