Bass Fishing- Largemouth on Hollow Body Frog

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Bass fishing at a local pond. Using the Koppers LiveTarget hollow body frog. 7/2013. This is some left over footage from summer that I never posted.


Lautaro Fernandez says:

Koppers are my FAVORITE

carey hill says:

you should check out my videos?! love the frog videos and i subscribed

madmatt32192 says:

Killer frog action!! You did very well this year on the frogs!

TeamRippnLipz1 says:

awesome dude

The Northern Fisherman says:

What reel do you use?

FishingThePNW says:

nice man! wish i could catch that many frog fish in a day at the lakes i

NJ Bassin' says:

Nice! I havent caught a frog fish yet.. but here in nj im gonna have to
wait a while!

Juanelo1946 says:

Very pretty bass on a very pretty pond! I’d say that Koppers is a keeper!

Alex Casarez says:

Make a giveaway

Lax Slayr says:

I actually caught an 8 pounder yesterday on the kvd sexy frog in the
leopard color

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