How To Catch Cold Water Bass: Spring Fishin’

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Outdoor Advantage Lures: In this video I show you how to catch dormant spring bass and how to slow your presentation down i…


Julian Burgoff says:

I caught a swim jig fish the other day with a 40 degree water temp. there was snow surrounding the lake. bass definitely eat in cold water.

BassFishingVirginia says:

I had the same problem a few weeks ago on squarebills. They were coming up from the side and just slapping it. Try switching to a ghost color without rattles, and slow it way down.

bassfishing523 says:

Yea its possible to catch fish in under 45, caught 2 yesterday on a small jerkbait in 42 degree water. Go slow, find emerging grass.

Fishingfever2 says:

Don’t agree with the water temp statement

cougars125 says:

I agree with your cold temperature statement. Though I live in Florida, this year the water has been pretty cold also at this time. Ive been catching a range from dinks to a 3 pounder, so ay its possible

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