Bass fishing at a farm pond. I caught a bunch of nice bass with a variety of lures. Thanks for watching. Comment, like and subscribe for more!
Me fishing in my backyard pond. Trying to get some carp but end up getting gills. Comment and subscribe!
Part two of me fishing in westchase golf course ponds.
This video shows you simple techniques to catching shallow bass. Hope you all enjoy the video, please comment and give feedback! –Jon (jojobarz33)
just wanted to get some fish on camera, nice fish not the biggest but was at the pond 20 minutes maybe, tore that bait up!
All kinds of info on many species of fish … check it out ! Tight Lines and keep it REEL !!!
This deadly trout tempter from the makers of Kastmaster is equally effective whether fished in rivers, streams, lakes or ponds. Thunderbolt’s erratic wobblin…
i was fishing for bass in ponds in westchase, florida.
Bass fishing in a new pond (new to me) in Northern California. Used Jigs and Lipless Crankbaits.
caught this on creek minnow caught about 8 or 9 that day we were slayin.
Visit to plan your next fishing trip or just learn more about fishing. Kevin Sewell catches a number of 2 – 2.5 pound bass…
When fishing for bass, a crank bait can be used with a snap cast, after which the fisherman should wait for the vibration on the line to stop. Find out how t… Clatterbrat animations by SlowerLowerStudios running early morning errands stopping along the way to throw Bart in 4 diff location…
This is the first video I have had that I had to cram so much awesome fishing into a ten minute span! The video was shot in about an hours time and eight fis…
Fishing a night in NorthWestern Ohio in a pond. Caught a lot of largemouth and also a alligator snapping turtle on the catfish rod we had out. Fun night, got…
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Singapore GT Pond – Neo Tiew Crescent, Lim Chu Kang.
Bass fishing at a local pond in Northern California. Mainly using Jigs and Texas Rigs. 3/5/2013.