Austin’s youtube: In this episode we hit a Saltwater pond that is loaded with Tarpon. We caught our bait and started fishing within five minutes Austin caught the first Tarpon. In total we caught 6 Tarpon and 1 Snook then a large thunderstorm came through ending our day early but I will be back to the pond soon to catch the Snook that peeled me drag and spit the hook… INSTAGRAM: JONBOSTONFISHING
Fishing at a local pond with skinny bear’s football jig, caught lots of fish, had a great day! If you like this jig, visit
Bass Fishing-6+lb Pond Large Mouth On Clatterbrat Lure
Missouri farm pond largemouth bass fishing
Nobita wants to go to fishing because Gian and Suneo caught a lot of fish at the nearby river. Nobita asks his mom if he could go to fishing, but his mom says he is clumsy and can easily fall into the river. So Doraemon uses the gadget, Mobile Fishing Lake. But there is so much trouble using the gadget that they fail to catch any fish. The episode ends with Doraemon and Nobita landing in Shizuka’s bath tub mistaking it for a hot spring.
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Trout fishing couldn’t be any easier…especially when there’s nearly 30 healthy trout living in your own backyard pond.
bass fishing on a budget soft plastics When thinking about all the possible choices of gear available for fishing things can get over-whelming. The lures, ro…
Tattoo’s Tackle Sea Dog Fishing Lure
caught a few bass on spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits.
we caught a couple we only went for like and hour and a half but we caught a couple rate,comment,subscribe.
My friend and antagonist, Randy Disanto, and I, Jerry Lester, fished a newly discovered pond in The Villages, today, 10/18/2010. There are many retention ponds throughout The Villages that…