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Bass fishing at sunset park, nv has been great this summer. We caught largemouth bass on spinner baits, senko worms, and jigs. The pond has been loaded which allows us to price a huge variety of baits. FISHING PRODUCTS USED ——————————————–\r
Hot Lures/Baits Used !!!\r
*Spinnerbait – \r
*Senkos – \r
*Drop Shot Hooks – \r
Fishing Scale\r
My Jigging Setup\r
*Rod Info – \r
*Reel Info – \r
*Line Info – \r
My Cranking Setup\r
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7 )\r
*Reel Info – \r
*Line Info – \r
My Spinnerbait Setup\r
*Rod Info – ( mine is 76 )\r
*Reel Info – \r
*Line Info – CAMERAS, EDITING SOFTWARE AND MUSIC ————————————————————————–\r
*Camera – \r
*Wind Mic – \r
*GoPro – \r
*GoPro Accessories – \r
*Carrying Case – \r
*Editing Software – SEND FAN MAIL HERE ————————————–\r
Sin City Outdoors\r
1445 American Pacific Dr. STE 110-217\r
Henderson, NV 89074 FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ———————————————–\r
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