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Carp fishing with Sweetcorn on light tackle in a public fishing pond is proving to be harder than I first thought. Carp fishing tips for beginners don’t try this, go look up what baits and carp rigs work best so you land more fish than me. But if you do want to know I use an ultralight fishing setup with no weight and a size #10 hook light tackle gear with sweet corn witch I was told was the best corn for fishing, do carp like sweetcorn? Yes..yes they do. Carp fishing with sweetcorn on light tackle is a blast for sure, when you hook up to a 10lb carp on light tackle your in for one hell of a fight so I have been told. I have landed a lot of big fish on small tackle but the trash eating grass carps have managed to stay off my line…..for now. Wish I could tell ya how to catch carp on light tackle and give you some sweetcorn fishing tips, but as for now I know they eat it but that’s about it, but im sure with time and luck my sweetcorn that I will land that monster soon on one of our fishing vlogs in a carp fishing video for you all. Welcome to our fishing vlog #2…………………………