JP DeRose explains why fishing rock and weed lines with a flipping setup in the fall can produce large numbers of quality bass. For more getting School’d videos from JP DeRose, go to:
Watch this episode and more at http://www.wildtv.caAmericana Outdoors ventures out onto the water to go fishing with Wade Middleton – always a fun time whether by boat or kayak!8726
Nouvelle vidéo de Sega Bass Fishing (Wii). Plus d’infos :
Anapji Pond is the only pond that is lefr among the historic sites of Silla.
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making a koi pond, koi pond construction
Best Net fishing ll Big Fish Hunting With Cast net in the Village Pond
Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!
For the first time ever, compete against real life pro fishermen in tournament action and prove you’re the best of the best!
Charlie Wray has been host of the very popular TV show, Fishful Thinking, since 1990. Part of the success behind the show has been the very informative format. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all audiences. Locations center around the heavily fished, public waters that are easily accessible for the majority of anglers. Charlie has been recognized as one of Canada’s top fishermen, on a variety of game fish. Even before launching the Fishful Thinking TV Show, Charlie had already won numerous national fishing contests.
Nouvelle vidéo de Sega Bass Fishing (Wii). Plus d’infos :
Big Carp Fish catching in mud water pond using a fishing net
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