Cleaning Ponds with Pond Straw – Video Training

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Want to clear your fish pond water? Try using barley pond straw. Unlike using chemicals, pond straw maintains the fragile ecosystem in your pond by protecting good bacteria, is non-toxic for your fish, oxygenates your koi pond and clears water the natural way, the way that Nature intended.

Algae-ridden ponds are caused by single cell organisms that multiply quickly. Not only does hair algae muck up your pond, it robs your fish of vital oxygen and is harmful to fish and plant life.

If you care deeply enough about the life in your pond to want to use a natural solution, take that extra step and make sure your pond straw is certified organic.

Organic barley straw for ponds makes sure that you’re not putting chemicals into your koi pond.

To find out where you can get organic pond straw, click on the link in the video description. For a short time, you will also get a bonus report: Five Tips for a Healthy Pond. Get it for a discount on Amazon:

Barley Pond Straw