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MORE Trout fishing episodes this week! AZGFD just stocked 8 brand new park lakes and ponds with Rainbow Trout 2 weeks ago and we hit one of them the day they were stocked. We ended up catching our limit in under 30 minutes! As you could tell in the episode, we used Salmon Eggs and caught them with ease. Every time we catch something the kids seem to gather and ask if they can touch the fish lol, the little girl after the second Trout wanted me to tose it back and was appalled when I told her I was actually going to keep and eat it 0_o. Anyways, we’ve got a pretty interesting Night Fishing episode coming up next week, so you won’t want to miss that. But don’t worry we have a plenty of backlogged Trout fishing episodes to come next month 🙂 AND REMEMBER its less than a month away before the switch to Channel Catfish begins at the community lakes! If YOU enjoyed this fishing episode, give it a Like! It lets us know what types of videos you all want to see more of! This video is made 100% with my GoPro 3+ Silver HD. Please like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE!

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