First Time Fishing our Pond in 2013 – Improper Handling of Catch and Release Fish

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UPDATE STATEMENT: Thanks to your comments, and the Internet, we are now aware of the proper way for handing catch and release fish. Diane and I are new at this sport. The last thing we want to do is harm our fish! There are lots of websites that describe the proper way for handling catch and release fish to increase their survival rate. The only thing we did right was to use a single hook and bend the barbs flat. Otherwise, we pretty much did everything wrong. I ask myself should I remove this video to avoid further embarrassment, or leave it posted as an example of how not to handle catch and release fish.

Randy Wingett

DESCRIPTION: Over the Easter spring break and just five days after a snowstorm had dumped 10 inches of heavy wet snow on the meadows at Hidden Hollows in West Virginia, Diane and I fished our small bass pond for the first time in 2013. For bait, we used earth worms collected while planting two apple trees. The fish were very hungry, especially the bluegill, which were satisfied eating the smallest worms. Diane caught the only bass using a good sized night crawler. More fun than hooking the fish was Diane’s squeamish effort at removing the hook!