Fish pond construction near Newcastle by Pondguru

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Video showing the stages of building a fish pond including how to build a cascade and how to lay pond edging. How to edge a pond is a question most people ask themselves when considering the pond design and this video shows how I normally do it.
There is also alfagrog filter media incorporated inside this wall to act as a huge filter around the pond perimeter – totally hidden by the edging.
This video also shows how to prevent the soil settling under the cascade and detail on the electrics.
We missed the first couple of days filming due to bad weather so have not included the digging of the hole, laying of underlay and liner or the building of the dry stone wall but that can be found in the video link below.
For a full pond building video including the digging of the hole and laying liner, click here:
The pump used in this pond is an Oase Aquamax Eco 8000 and the filter is an Oase Filtoclear 15000.
Thanks for watching and appreciating the video.
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