Fishing Pond X2 Progress – Was that a Bass?

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Progress is slow but sure with manually digging out the second expansion to our fishing pond. Once I have removed all of the sod, the clay from the original berm, and have dug out the top soil to about a depth of one foot, I hope to get some help from my neighbor who has a tractor to dig out this new section to a depth of at least four feet. I will leave a wall between this new section and the main pond so that during the dry season this summer, I can pump out the water to complete the digging in dry dirt without disturbing the main pond. The wall will then be dug out from the bank to join the new section to the main pond.

Having had no success catching a bass using live worms, I decided to try a very old rubber lure. After catching two bluegill the moment the lure hit the water, I moved to the opposite side of the pond, and on my first cast, I got a strike by a much larger fish that jumped out of the water and shook loose the lure. Drat! Can you can tell from the zoomed in video in slow motion what species of fish this is?