Ice Fishing 2016 Video 1

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A couple of fish I managd to get on video while ice fishing in Minnesota in January 2016.
Inside this months MTB: 1. Kenders Outdoors Tungsten Jig – $5.00 2. Northland Tackle Macho Minnow – $4.99 3. Vicious Fishing 4lb Ice Fishing Line – $2.99 4.
Things get bad at 2:50 Chris gets rekt at 5:00 1R1R gets rekt at 5:20 AJ poops his pants at 7:30 Check out Chris channel!
Dont forget to Like/Comment/Subscribe for more! Ice fishing crappies and sunnies Minnesota 1/17/16.
Nice pike came by, but was not interested in eating my shiner. He sat there for about 7 minutes I cut out a bunch of the video, just sat there and didnt move.