Khmer Fishing at a small pond near Phnom Penh city | Fishing Cambodia at Krang Thnong

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He is a Khmer man fishing at a small pond in the suburb on Phnom Penh city. He got about 6 fishes in his bucket. Its Fishing Cambodia near Krang Thnong .
It was Sunday afternoon when i get out of home to the west of Phnom Penh City, the area called New Phnom Penh or Phnom Penh Thmey. There is a pagoda .
People go fishing in Cambodia near Krang Thnong Pagoda near Phnom Penh city. This man is a Tuktuk driver but since he likes fishing so hes just go fishing .
Cambodian people catching fishes in a big lotus pond near Borey Angkor Phnom Penh. They got lots of fish for making food and these fishes are natural fishes .