Make your very own Pond in a Pot! – Backyard Pond!

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This video will help educate you on the types of plants that are best for Patio Ponds and will show you the great beauty that they create!

These ponds can add a lot of simplistic beauty to any backyard or patio and they are also very easy to create and come in all sorts of varieties and shapes! You can make them out of just about anything!

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Aquaponics MADE EASY!

Water Lily
Mixed Lotus Variety Pack –
Nymphoides Indica Snowflake –
Chromatella –
Arrowhead –

Marginal Plants
Chameleon Plant –
Horsetail Rush –

Floating Plants
Water Lettuce –
Water Hyancinth –

Planter Baskets –
Water Fountain –
33 Gallon Rigid Pond Liner –
270 Gallon Pond Kit –

My Filming Gear!!
Camera –
Lighting and Green Screen –
Camera Stand –
Mic –