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In this video I try a bass fishing technique Ive always wanted to try, but have always been intimidated by: FROG FISHING! I was ually able to land a fish using the frog, but a few hours later and no more bites I decided to switch to another technique that I havent caught a bass with: swim jig. in the end it turned out to be a great day of fishing!!\r
Frog: \r
Rod: 71 medium power, xtra fast ion G Loomis e6x jig and worm rod\r
Reel: \r
Swim Jig: \r
Trailer: \r
Drone: \r
Big Camera: \r
Big Camera Mic: \r
Zoom lens: \r
GoPro: \r
LAV Mic: \r
Fishing Starts———————————-1:40\r
1st frog fish————————————-2:05\r
1st swim jig fish——————————3:59\r
2nd swim jig fish—————————–5:32\r
Drone sunset time lapse—————–7:24\r
PB stick fish————————————7:48\r
1st Song- reserved by: Pryces – \r
2nd Song- Aspire by: Pryces (ft. S T H Music) –