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A lot of people talk about bass fishing but few people can give you a exact answer of what it is. Here is my explination.
some thoughts about the Strikeking Sexy frog that i got from walmart. other videos in this playlist will show the lure on the water.
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2016 California Delta Bass Fishing ( 5 Pound Crankbait Largemouth Bass)
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The best top water Peacock Bass video ever shot I smashed many big Peacock including a giant double.
Learn the secrets of catching more bass on a erie darter go to.
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Today we set out to catch a new pet aquarium fish. Everything was good until BryanTheCEO made me angry. What should I name the fish? Monster Mike .This New Pet pet fish for our aquarium CAME HOME!!!!!! HELP ME NAME IT! Monster Mike Follow our Instagram feeds: .I went to the best place in the World for exotics and decided to make an exotic fish tank! Comment Below what kind of fish did I catch! AND I CAUGHT A BIG .Gramps helps Monster Mike catch a new pet exotic fish for his aquarium. This African Jewel Cichlid is a keeper [More]
This video was sent to us by our associates over at, a website which celebrates New England boating lifestyle with news, videos, articles and much more. In this video, Captain Terry Nugent goes into the regulations and laws behind the Herring run. A full blog of instructions can be found on their website, and for fishing and marine products check out
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Butch and I have a blast playing the Bass Fishing Game! He sure went crazy when I hooked him on my hook. Find Here ▷ Lucky .\r\rTHANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT MY CHANNEL: THANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, .\r\rMonsoon-like rain starts at 7:10 I demonstrate how to remove a gut hooked treble hook at 4:40 and a gut hooked senko at 5:11 Special thanks to my sub Will for .\r\rCatching a Sunfish on a Spongebob fishing pole. Pt. 1 of many more to come. My next attempt will be a Largemouth Bass.
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2 massive yellowfin off the rocks on popper. 1 fish was 212 b (94 kg) and the other one 161 lb (73 kg). Rod is a Daiwa Saltiga GT 86 and the reel is a Stella 30.000 (which was broken after this 2 week trip) filled up with 100 lb braid. Both fish were caught on Angel Tackle Poppers. Available at: Global Tackle in Sydney. \rThe big fish was landed just by me and my wife with only 1 gaff. Later the fish got picked up by boat. The other fish with 3 people and 2 gaffs, that´s why it [More]
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