Weirdest Fishes Discovered Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The reason for this is a lot more than just good weather. There is just so much to keep the visitor entertained and here are just some suggestions about things you can do in the area. Even the name Key West is enough to get the rest of us thinking about the sunshine and beach. This is Florida’s very own Caribbean island. This is a tropical paradise and you will have no difficulty finding things to do. If you tire of the beach you will find [More] Pocket watches were first referred to in historic documentation dating back the fifteenth century, with a larger version that was worn round the neck. An early reference was from an Italian clockmaker in the fourteen hundreds. The Duke of Moderna was believed to have owned one of the first pocket watches. At this stage the pocket watch would have only had an hour hand. As they were developed by craftsmen of the day new designs were created as time went on. By the 16th century pocket watches were popular with the affluent men of society, and they were typically [More]
Today, I go back to the abandoned pool to find LOTS OF LIFE! you will not believe the fish and other creatures living in the pool! I ended up saving fish and a scary snake!–WINNER OF THE PEACOCK NAMES: Pebbles, and Bam Bam from Gavin Lillis –What should I do to the abandoned pool next?–Follow me on INSTAGRAM: Follow christian on INSTAGRAM:
This guy was out fishing in a private pond on his boat. He caught a fish and noticed that it had something coming out from its mouth. He pulled it out, and to his surprise, it turned out to be a whole frog almost equal to the size of the fish. He gagged a little while taking it out and threw it back in the pond.
Bass Fishing using a D.I.Y. Frog Lure and I teach you how to make them easily at home.
Patience is the name of the game, as the bass fishing competition winds down and the winner will be crowned. For more information visit
some hollow frogs i have used over the years and am field testing
kolie peche du brochet et du bass au mois de juillet
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BUILDING THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR TURTLE POND- PHASE 1: MY NEW OUTDOOR TURTLE POND SET UP\rPlease Share, Thumbs Up, Comment, Subscribe & all that Jazz : \rGreenhouse Tip Jar 🙂 : \rWant more Brads Greenhouse! READ MORE BELOW.\r———————————————————————————————————–\rFacebook: \rFollow me & Purchase my plants on Ebay: \rSend Treasure to: Po Box 21064, Duncan, BC, Canada V9L 0C2 ( let me know it is coming so I dont miss it) \r————————————————————————————————————-\rATTENTION COMPANIES or SHOPS:\rIf you are interested in working with me or want me to review a product you think I would enjoy please cont via private message with “Lets work together” [More] can give you ideas about where and how to build a pond in your backyard. Not sure how to build a pond? From garden ponds to backyard ponds, we have you covered. Pond construction can seem overwhelming, but with the right building directions and pond supplies, building a pond can be easier than you think! Whether you plan to build a koi pond, goldfish pond, or garden pond, we are here to help. Visit us at for all of your pond construction and pond supply needs.
Ugly Pond at the end of March. This is where I keep my beloved goldfish, also referred to as, “the boys” Last summer I did a whole bunch of waterchanges early in the summer and caused them to spawn. This summer I am looking to do same with my Ryukin goldfish that are being kept inside currently. I am thrilled that the plants I left in there are going to make it. You gotta love pond season coming. Stay tuned for more updates on getting this pond rolling and breeding Ryukins. Let me know if you have any questions [More]
The competition moves to the lake, as competitors try their best to catch as many inches of fish as they can. For more information visit Technological angling breakthrough. Uses sound to catch more Bass, Trout, Panfish, Crappie, Walleye. Get lots of helpful tips on how to fish bass and get lots of other useful fishing advice as well.
Host Tami Curtis of Fish’n 4 FUN! TV show goes Halibut fishing in the San Francisco Bay with Guide Captain Jason of Longfin Sport Fishing. They caught a lot of Halibut but Tami also hooked up with a monster Striped Bass! Be efficient in fishing bass at night. Visit our website!
2 weeks after we first did 50% water change. The bright sun and bringing back some KH in the KY. The Parrots feather does a great job of filtering. Lillies coming soon. Bryan know more then me on water chemistry. This will be the goldfish breeding grounds….aquatic