Pond Clearing & Stocking Hybrid Bream

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So, the purpose of my pond is to have a nice fishing hole, add beauty to my property, provide emergency water, provide water for gardening/orchard, and provide a source of fish protein. There are a few videos of when it was being dug last winter and it has been stocked with fathead minnows for about 10 months now. I see their babies so it supports life, but it needed significant work to support an ecosystem. It had too much clay particles suspended in it which prevents algae growth. Being silty, the pond cannot perform properly. Well, I waited and waiting didn’t get the job done so i decided to tackle it. I used aluminum sulfate to bind the clay particles and make them drop to the bottom of the pond and clarify the water more. Because aluminum sulfate lowers PH, I had to counter that with calcium carbonate. Both will not harm the fish, but drastic changes in PH can. I stocked the pond with hybrid bream because it is a smaller body of water and are better suited for catfish or hybrids. Hybrids are fun to catch and taste great. Instead of putting catfish in, I’ll add Tilapia later on, but that’s another video. I’ll introduce bass in the fall to keep the hybrid bream offspring in check. Hybrids do not produce true-to-type offspring and the bass will love ’em along with the fatheads.