Reel Keel # One Bass Fishing Lure

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The North American Fishing Club has actually given the REEL KEEL their Seal of Approval, with an 85 % approval rating.

As Seen on TV – Sportsperson Channel Program “The Ultimate Catch” with Captain Eric Ciocher. On the Ultimate Catch TV website, Eric shows off his 8 pound bass caught while shooting the REEL KEEL fishing lure. As Heard on Radio – “Outdoors with Luke Clayton Radio”. And as Suggested – by Florida Trophy Bass Seeker Danny Barker.

Fishing Lure stays upright and avoids it from spinning. Rolls side to side like a live bait fish. Tail end settles back and forth like a real fish, mimics a live bait fish in its natural environment. The Keel provides superior flash on white belly making it more visible to a predator fish.

It dives and swims to several levels and you can manage the depth by moving your rod tip. It’s the only lure that will “Walk the Dog” undersea.

UNIQUE REWARD – REEL KEEL Fishing Ideas by Fishing Pros.