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One week after filling the new expansion to our bass pond, we returned to find that it did not hold water to the level of the original pond – it had lost at least 1.5 feet in depth. It took the entire weekend pumping water from a nearby stream using two pumps to restore the depth achieved the week before. I was expecting a certain amount of water loss, but not this much. Hopefully, the disappearing water is due to loose, uncompressed soil and clay that makes up the berm. Only time will tell. If the new pond cannot match and maintain the same water level as the original pond, then I will not join the two ponds. Meanwhile, to test the quality of the water, and to satisfy our impatience, we captured at least a dozen small and medium-sized Creek Chub using a fish trap in the nearby stream, and released them into the new pond. Admittedly, we feel a little guilty transporting healthy stream fish to a new, untested stagnate environment and with no food source. So, to appease my guilt, I ordered a new Fish Mate automatic fish feeder thinking that at least the Creek Chubs will have something to munch on next week – providing they have survived their new environment, and the predators who are anxiously awaiting an easy meal!

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions about our experiments and adventures at Hidden Hollows.

Have a great Labor Day holiday weekend!