Releasing fish into our new pond at Hidden Hollows

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August 31, 2012 – A large snapping turtle has taken up residence in our pond. Should we leave it or remove it?

July 4, 2012 – Feeding Fish in our Pond (second half of this short video):

June 16, 2012 – Catching Small Fish in a Small Pond:

May 1, 2012 – Year 2 – Releasing fish into our pond at Hidden Hollows:

DESCRIPTION: Randy and Diane Wingett released 10 largemouth bass, 25 bluegill and 2 pounds of minnows purchased from Mid-Atlantic Stocking into a new pond at their Hidden Hollows property near Romney, West Virginia. There are plenty of tadpoles, earthworms and other bugs to feed the fish. We hope they thrive in this new environment so that someday we can enjoy some catch-and-release bass fishing!