Bass fishing memories from 2013
Bass Fishing- Tips for Fall Transition Bass (2013)
AFTCO’s Greg Stotesbury shows how to properly gaff a fish.
George Large explains how lures that reflect ultraviolet light give anglers an advantage when fishing murky waters.
Made a quick trip to Frisco Commons Ponds for the evening bite in 2013! Trout were rising and schools were feeding on insects landing on the water. Caught two before it got dark using the Guadalupana, Switched to Dry Flies and could not get a strike. Went back to the Guadalupana and caught one more… Fun Stuff!
First Time Fishing our Pond in 2013 – Improper Handling of Catch and Release Fish
Barramundi at Pilot111 Fishing Pond on 21 09 2013 16 12 28Need new shirts, get it at http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts ?
Ice fishing for northern pike at Fletchers Pond, January 2013. Ended up with 9 keepers over 2 days with the biggest being 35 inches. 10 to 12 inches of ice. 10 to 15 degree temps with winds up to 30 mph.
Deeyung Entertainment presents “Late April Bass Fishing”. Myself and my buddy Casey went and fished a nice little pond in Southwest Oklahoma. We caught 3 nice-sized bass. April 28, 2013. Please watch in HD. Please like and subscribe. Thanks. Music “Alright” by: L.A.T.V. DISCLAIMER: Deeyung Entertainment does not own the rights to the musical content used in this video. This video is NOT for sale or re-sale and is for entertainment/educational/viewing purposes only.
some decent bass caught & the bluegill were so active they went for our crankbaits!
Hi, our names are Carl and Alex and in this short video we travel to a small lake in search of some carp. They are very small fish but are great fun in the shallow water by the island. We use float fishing tactics and manage to catch a few common carp. Follow us on Instagram! Chat with us on Facebook: Our website: Follow us on Twitter: Main Tackle Used: Middy Micro Muscle waggler rod, Safina Pro Reel, 6lb line, Drennan Specialist barbel hook, Unhooking mat from Dragon Carp Bait: Fish Frenzy 3mm pellets as feed, [More]
UPDATE STATEMENT: Thanks to your comments, and the Internet, we are now aware of the proper way for handing catch and release fish. Diane and I are new at this sport. The last thing we want to do is harm our fish! There are lots of websites that describe the proper way for handling catch and release fish to increase their survival rate. The only thing we did right was to use a single hook and bend the barbs flat. Otherwise, we pretty much did everything wrong. I ask myself should I remove this video to avoid further embarrassment, or [More]
Bass fishing at a few local ponds. Using hollow body frogs and topwater hard baits. July 2013.
Grant, Brandon, and Mark head to a couple private ponds in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to fish for Largemouth Bass.
Bass fishing at a local pond. Using lipless crankbaits. 11/14/2013.
This is a private pond where they hold fishing competition once in every 2 weeks. It is located 85km up north from Chiangmai City called Phrao.
Bass fishing local pond. Using topwater hollow body frogs. 8/20/2013.
Great fishing day up at Conservation Pond on Ft Drum. Although I only got one seven inch bass (not recorded because I thought I would get more) I still had a…
Two people fish out of kayaks in Maine’s Webber Pond on a warm August day. Filmed in Shakyoutoffocusvision.