Fishing the ponds, lakes, rivers, and creeks from the mid west and beyond! . You will find videos featuring gear from the lightest of ultra light to the heaviest of heavy. This channel is dedicated to fishing purely for the fun and excitement of fishing! Enjoy!
Butch and I have a blast playing the Bass Fishing Game! He sure went crazy when I hooked him on my hook. Find Here ▷ Lucky .\r\rTHANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT MY CHANNEL: THANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, .\r\rMonsoon-like rain starts at 7:10 I demonstrate how to remove a gut hooked treble hook at 4:40 and a gut hooked senko at 5:11 Special thanks to my sub Will for .\r\rCatching a Sunfish on a Spongebob fishing pole. Pt. 1 of many more to come. My next attempt will be a Largemouth Bass.
A fisherman in Florida got a surprise this week when he reeled in what he thought was a catfish, only to discover he’d hooked a baby alligator. The man was angling in a local pond in the Westchase area on Thursday when he felt something take the bait. “To our surprise we had an alligator on the line!” He said. “We pulled him out and removed the hook with the aid of a security guard and a growing number of neighbours that were coming to watch,” he added. The alligator was not harmed and was released back into the pond, [More]