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The Hooked Up Network is hosting an online fishing tournament with 6 of the top YouTube fishing channels. The rules are simple, catch the 5 biggest bass using .\r\rThe official September results for the 2015 Slam of the Year online bass fishing tournament presented by Mystery Tackle Box and the HookedUp Network.\r\rQ. What is this tournament thing he is talking about? Where can I vote for this video? A. Q. What is a Mystery Tackle Box or MTB?\r\rHey guys, check out my MTB SLAM for September 2015. This is my entry for the Hooked Up Network SLAM of the Year [More]
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Once you’ve located smallies, you’ll have to get them to bite. Here’s how to trigger a strike.
1. YOUR SECRET WEAPON/BAIT TO FISH LIKE A PRO ! Are you sick and tired of not catching that BIG fish that you always wanted to catch ? You feel that the other people always catch more than you do? Then you need our bass/pike lure to CATCH BIGGER & MORE FISH. Our lure puts you ahead of your peers while they still be wondering how ! 2. 2 SHARP & DURABLE TREBLE MUSTAD HOOKS! With our top water fishing baits, you can STRIKE IT HARD with no issues ! By having sharp & durable hooks, our fishing lure helps [More]
Got some underwater footage! I was fishing with bro Mikerap240 and caught a decent spawning bass on a bed. I was using a Weightless Garry Yamamoto .Spring is a great time of the year for sweet bass fishing action and bed fishing is one of the most exhilarating tactics to use! My main weapons of choice for bed .Chandler uses the Warrior Baits Quiver Bug to Catch a spawning bass while Brian filmed it all up close and personal with the GoPro! Heres the link to the .The time has finally come for some new videos! Texas Bass Challenge is [More]
Occurred on / Florida, USA Info: We were stuck in traffic right by a canal on the interstate in south Florida so we took out the rods to catch some peacock bass. Credit: IG/@sandbar_flies
These lures will help you catch big bass during the prespawn this Spring. Tim explains how to use each style to cover water and catch big bass. Baits Shown In .These are my 5 go to bass fishing lures for spring time fishing. Let me know what yall think!! This will work for pre and spawn. Buy LunkersTV Gear Here .Enter to WIN a FREE $250 bass fishing rod with any apparel purchase here – Lure #1 Setup 3:48 Rod – Reel .Spring time fishing is just around the corner. Make sure youve got the right lures tied on to [More]
Muddy water can be your friend on a sunny day in the winter time. Think like a lizard to find where bass might be when they are trying to warm up and get a meal.\r\rLike comment and subscribe.\r\rWinter Bass Fishing Lures & Tips! .\r\rAs the hot fall bass fishing bite begins to fade the bass become difficult to catch. These are my top 5 winter bass fishing lures to use during the winter to trigger .\r\rWinter bass fishing at Little Seneca Lake in Maryland!!! What a day bass fishing with Michael from 1Rod1ReelFishing! Watch us catch crappie, yellow perch & [More]
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Catching a striped bass from the surf using a white 1 ounce bucktail with pork rind trailer off of a NY beach. Tide mid-low/incoming. (read Fishing the Bucktail by .Supports my book Surf fishing for striped bass with bucktails. Catching stripers on the beach.In this video I will show you how to pick the right Light Tackle set up for yourself then I will end the video with me catching a striped bass on the beach / surf.Supports my book Surf fishing for striped bass. Catching stripers from the beach on a windy day.
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