Watch the underwater close up shot of a shark eating the tuna. Mark Berg uses the rapala fishing lure to snag a huge tuna, only to get it snatched out of his hands by a greedy shark. More free videos
If it’s fast pace fishing action that you just love watching then this series is for you. Join Mark Berg from Australia as he travels to Cape York in Northern Queensland for red-hot fishing action. For more videos visit
Join Mark Berg in the Northern Territory with the crew from Munupi Wilderness Lodge where he catches a memorable 1m+ Threadfin salmon using the super effective Rapala X Rap lure. One day he will not forget for a very long time, and the photo will no doubt make it into his ever growing fishing album of “greatest catches”. For more hot fishing action visit
Yes there are lots of soft plastic lures on the market and perhaps your thinking that this is just another one. It really isn’t. Slams are a bait that fish will actually eat. Just watch this video and you will see what I mean. It’s proven that fish pheromones actually trigger fish to feed and thats what makes these SLAMS so good. Give them a go and see for yourself. See you on the water Mark Berg. For more stories about Slam Baits and other Rapala Fishing gear visit my website
Mark Berg lands a beautiful 4kg Blue Salmon using Rapala Fishing Tackle, whilst on a fishing trip in north Queensland with fishing guide Gary Wright from Custom Sportfishing. For more hot fishing action and free fishing vidoes visit
Amazing Queenfish Strikes. The ultimate in fishing lure power UNLEASED! Join with Mark Berg and Custom Sportsfishing and watch these incredible flying Queenfish strikes! For more free fishing videos visit