Once you’ve located smallies, you’ll have to get them to bite. Here’s how to trigger a strike.
Yeah, we’ve all been there. The gentle morning light and active bite give way to bright skies and uncooperative bass. Professional bass angler Jacob Wheeler isn’t known as a slow fisherman; he prefers fishing fast and triggering bass into biting but also recognizes the need to SLOW down from time to time. Welcome to the “couch” technique for tough bites. As the name implies, Jacob forces himself to sit down on his bow butt seat and slowly work a Texas-rigged worm through grassy areas. He reveals a critical component of this system that’ll draw additional bites from the otherwise uninterested [More]
Made a quick trip to Frisco Commons Ponds for the evening bite in 2013! Trout were rising and schools were feeding on insects landing on the water. Caught two before it got dark using the Guadalupana, Switched to Dry Flies and could not get a strike. Went back to the Guadalupana and caught one more… Fun Stuff!
Pond fishing 5lb + Bass caught on a Big Bite Bait Dean Rojas Fighting Frog in Junebug color. Date: 9/7/12 Temp: 84.
Jim, shows how BIG, little ponds can fish. A good education on how to fish any pond and what to look for in the spring of the year.