The wild Pembrokeshire coastline is a place to pitch your tent and go fishing for many species from the rocks or the beach. Or you could combine the two if you use the “Jacoby Surf fisher” find it here – Matt Powell guides people for bass fishing and then treats them to a fine dining experience made from fresh seafood, wild mushrooms and whatever else he can find in the hedgerows. Dave Mickelwright also takes on the Fishing Britain Target challenge and we tell you how you can have a go too! In this weeks FBN we have a [More]
The headlines this week..✩ Big Kiwi bass✩ Shark chokes on seal✩ Eel love-in✩ Coventry Police go fishing✩ Salford Friendly Anglers wins prize✩ Seventy sharks found dead in WalesFishing for facts, landing the stories. This item appears in Fishing Britain episode 29. Watch the whole show as a playlist Sign up for our weekly email newsletter