Pond Cleaning Log – P.A.M – Eco Pond Rescue
Want to clear your fish pond water? Try using barley pond straw. Unlike using chemicals, pond straw maintains the fragile ecosystem in your pond by protecting good bacteria, is non-toxic for your fish, oxygenates your koi pond and clears water the natural way, the way that Nature intended. Algae-ridden ponds are caused by single cell organisms that multiply quickly. Not only does hair algae muck up your pond, it robs your fish of vital oxygen and is harmful to fish and plant life. If you care deeply enough about the life in your pond to want to use a natural [More]
My Boy Bryan is the man. He’s got soo much game with fishtanks/ponds. We were talking today about why my Ryukins spawned and we are going to make it happen again. We believe they like the water changes and the KH raising. The one fish I left in over the winter. “Badass” as I’ll call him from now on, loved it. We only did 20% but it sure looked a bunch cleaner when we were done. Spring Pond Fever. Ask questions or give me ideas.aquatic jungles.blogspot
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