Bump it, drag it, and bounce it. The Sashimi Flat Crank can take it, with its coffin shaped lip design. Fish these fishing lures around rocks, timber or any structure you can find where the big ones lurk. The Sashimi Flat Crank has 2 international patents. The Sashimi Shallow Crank™ fishing lures run at the perfect depth for searching the shoreline during spring & fall as well as early morning and evening fishing. The Sashimi Shallow Crank™ has a wide rolling action that sends out “Wave Motions” into the water attracting the biggest fish in the area. While these fishing lures are in motion the color actually changes imitating natural baitfish, which is our second Patent. It is offered in the Pros proven choices in colors and patterns.
Today I show how to use small crank baits for cold water bass.
Today I show how to use small crank baits for cold water bass.
Fishing Goods The Sashimi Mid Crank™ fishing lures have been proven to be the perfect running depth to catch bass most of the time of the year and day. They have an undeniable fish attracting wobble that imitates a dying Panfish like no other Crankbait lures on the market. Plus it has been issued two International Patents for its unique features; Yo-Zuri’s exclusive Wave Motion Technology and our Sashimi Color Change Technology. These lures are a nice addition to any fishing tackle box.
Night 3D minnow lure hard bait. Easy to use Night Fishing and in darkness water. *Kindly Request* Don’t fishing. Exception of the important work and the food requirements. Otherwise, they are hurt. (They should not be a punishment for our amusement) So, Customize useful for hunting and fishing. Thank you for watching. Share this message world wide.
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two budds catch and release a couple of small large mouth bass off of crankbaits and shaky head worms
WATCH IN HD. Thanks For tuning in agan, In this video I go fishing at one of my local lakes.Did well we caught 2 other fish that were not on the video.We fis…