2016 California Delta Bass Fishing ( 5 Pound Crankbait Largemouth Bass)
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Bass Fishing Tackle Tips – Crankbait Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques
John Murray won the 2017 Elite Series Event on Toledo Bend with this tactic and it all came down to exploiting a factor others had overlooked. John discovered all stages of spawning fish piled up on a massive main lake point; even after the spawn had supposedly ended there were still active spawners on the main lake. A crankbait was his tool of choice to 1) cover water fast on the massive structure, and 2) feel around on the bottom to locate rocks and stumps where fish congregated.
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Walker Smith loves to crank for bass and he shares some tips that have helped him when fishing crankbaits break up the monotony and also get more bites than …
This bass was caught on a Backstabber Lures Stabber Crankbait. This lure was in one of my Mystery Tackle Boxes… http://mysterytacklebox.com/backstabber-lures-stabber-crankbait/
The little nuances of crankbait fishing is what separates great anglers from ordinary anglers. You can catch bass just casting and reeling. But you’ll catch …
What’s the best way to fish a crankbait? Professional Bass Angler and four time Bassmaster Classic winner, Kevin VanDam, shows you how to fish one of his fav…
Video showing the action of the jointed Jackall Aragon Cranbait series. Comes in super shallow, shallow, and medium running versions.
Two bass with a combined weight of 7 lbs 13 ozs using cotton cordell lipless crankbaits and the biggest weighing in at 5.2lbs!
pond bass fishing Roboworm Lipless Crankbait swim jig kvd.
In this video I am using the koppers live target bluegill. I use both the squarebill and roundbill versions. I had some success on them but not as much as I …