Tractor is digging the ground to make few small ponds for Fishing farm. Fish Farming in Russey Keo disctrict, Phnom Penh city, Cambodia. Thanks for watch our .\r\rDescriptionThis countryside, complete with your own fishing pond. The Pottery Barn style home has 3 brs, including 2 master suites, a loft, plus a family room, .\r\r\r\rSATURDAY, JUNE 27 REGISTRATION @ 10 A.M. – AUCTION @ 1 P.M. LOCATION: 900401 S 3410 RD, CHANDLER, OK REAL ESTATE SELLS WITH NO .\r\rFishing tour at Khmer Village Resort and caught big fishes. This is a fishing resort own by a Cambodian family along the road [More]
Finished Digging the X2 Fishing Pond Expansion
First video of a four part series showing how to build the most common form of fish pond. It is a basic shape hole with shelves and a cascade built into a mound of soil formed from the excavated material. This video shows how we shaped the hole, laid the underlay and liner and then cut out the correct shape for the cascade. In part 2, I build the cascade. Additional tags: pondguru tyne valley aquatics tropical fish for sale mail order tropical fish how to build a koi pond how to make a wildlife pond how to [More]
Over a three-day weekend, all my energy focused on completing the removal of the earth tractor ramp using only a shovel and wheelbarrow, I finally finished digging our fishing pond expansion! The next step is filling the new pond to match the level of the original pond to test for leakage and to determine where to install a second overflow pipe. Of course, there is a lot more work to be done, such as leveling the chunks of clay that make up the berm, spreading topsoil, planting grass seed, etc. Soon, I will dig out (most likely by hand) the [More]