We KEEP Stingrays for shark bait, thats the main reason for removing the barb. It is also extra insurance for us so that when theres a tourist swimming next to the .We were on a mission to catch the King Kong stingray that hangs around in one of our fishing spots. This stingray swallows entire fish carcasses, sucks the meat . This was a huge school of stingrays spotted off of the Yaupon Beach pier at Oak Island, NC on 8-19-13.Giant Stingray Fishing From Oak Island.
BOOYAH Double Blade Buzz Bait … Big Bass Catching Fishing Lure… Review
Fishing at a local pond Using live target lures small mouth bass in the flat finish medium diver.
In this video, my wife and I hook up on carp simultaneously! If you like this video, subscribe, rate and leave a comment! Thanks! carp fish carp fishing tips…
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