Ugly Pond at the end of March. This is where I keep my beloved goldfish, also referred to as, “the boys” Last summer I did a whole bunch of waterchanges early in the summer and caused them to spawn. This summer I am looking to do same with my Ryukin goldfish that are being kept inside currently. I am thrilled that the plants I left in there are going to make it. You gotta love pond season coming. Stay tuned for more updates on getting this pond rolling and breeding Ryukins. Let me know if you have any questions [More]
Big Fish @ 3:43\rHad a good time out at a pond, caught a few fish on Rage Craws and a Swimjig. Hope you enjoyed!\r\rGEAR:\rReel- Shimano Casitas 150 7:2:1\rRod- Duckett Ghost 610 Medium\rLure- Strike King Rage Craw in Watermelon Red\r\rReel- Shimano Casitas 6:3:1\rRod- Dobyns Fury 733\rLure- Dirty Jigs Swimjig in Bluegill
Drone Footage Captures Early Fall Foliage at Little Averill Pond, Vermont
WATCH IN HD. Bass Fishing in the the morning with poppers
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Drone footage captures early fall foliage in Averill, Vermont, on September 11. The video shows trees dotted with red, yellow and orange-colored leaves over Little Averill Pond. Credit: NEK Flyer via Storyful
Im bass fishing in Dallas Texas this week and taking a kayak out to an old lake I used to fish. I am fishing the main lake and pockets looking for a few big .Bass fishing in farm ponds is about as fun as it gets. Today Im joined by Outlaw and Hayden to do some bank fishing and pond hopping. We started out at a river .Matt and his Dad hit the water for some fun fishing but ended up catching BIG bass! Come along for the ride as they catch quality spotted bass and largemouth .Topwater bass fishing [More]
catching a variety of nice fish
Fish caught: 8 Largemouth Bass- 3 Bluegill- 5 Biggest Largemouth Bass( 2:20 ) Biggest Bluegill( 0:49 ) Bait:Crappie Minnows on crappie hook and float Weather: 61 F cloudy/rainy Location: Central Ohio pond DATE: APRIL 6 2015
Fishing 3-21-2015. Caught one bass on the new Rapala Shadow Rap in Yellow Perch color, and one on a weightless Texas-rigged 4″ senko.
We were fishing soft plastics mainly for most of what we caught. We caught largemouth bass, chain pickerel and crappie. All on different lures such as spinnerbaits, worms, and crankbaits, all working in different areas of the lake. Watch the video to see more. Be sure to turn up the volume because it was shot with the GoPro and the volume is not the best. Long Island New York Paulie Martin WFN Ambassador 300th video!!
Just a fun day of bass fishing with lipless crankbaits and friends. Sorry for the water spots.
Tips for early fall bass fishing with jigs and plastics in the northeast lakes and ponds, by The Bass College, owner/CEO Steve vonBrandt. This was in a local…
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Late Summer can be a tough time to catch fish. I try some early morning pond bass fishing and use the same techniques I would use on man made lakes. It’s a lot of “Junk Fishing” in late summer….
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