welcome to5 of the lure challenge! in this video I review the fladen tail-or lure. \rWell I definitely wont be buying one of those again.. haha, im not saying its the worst lure in the world, its just the worst one that I personally have used. \r\rTHANKS FOR WATCHING!\r\rNew videos uploaded twice weekly\r\requipment I use -\rheavy casting pike rod – \rbaitcaster reel – \rbraid – \rlight pike rod (72 version) – \rreel (size c-40) – \rbraid – mustad thor braid 40lbs (hard to find now)\rlight perch rod – savage gear light range 7ft 0.5 -7g casting weight\rreel – \rbraid (20lbs) [More]
Chase caught a 4lb bass nice and big I know we said 6 but we were exited.