Small Fishing Pond Expansion Project – Step 9 – Help from a Friend & His Mahindra Tractor
Another Fishing Pond Expansion Project
Fishing Pond Expansion X2 Progress
Fishing Pond Expansion – Initial Berm Construction
Filling the Fishing Pond Expansion – Almost
Finished Digging the X2 Fishing Pond Expansion
Refilling our Bass Pond Expansion – Stocking the pond with Creek Chub
Catching Bass and Bluegill in our Pond – Pond Expansion Progress – ATV Ride
Once my friend had excavated enough of the loose dirt from the new section of the our fishing pond with his tractor, exposing the clay, I dug a shelf along the banks to a depth where water would be unlikely to seep through. Then I back-filled the shelf with the clay by hand using a shovel. I hope my hard labor was worth the effort!
This video documents slow but sure progress with digging out a second expansion (X2) of our new fishing pond expansion by hand using a shovel and wheelbarrow. In between the pond work, there are various nature scenes, Diane and I tossing garden grubs into the pond to feed the fish, harvesting worms in our wetlands, rescuing two Bluegill (?) trapped in our wetlands that had escaped from a pond up stream, and then catch and release fishing in our original fishing pond. Even though we only caught Bluegill, it was a lot of fun for us, but did you enjoy [More]
One week after filling the new expansion to our bass pond, we returned to find that it did not hold water to the level of the original pond – it had lost at least 1.5 feet in depth. It took the entire weekend pumping water from a nearby stream using two pumps to restore the depth achieved the week before. I was expecting a certain amount of water loss, but not this much. Hopefully, the disappearing water is due to loose, uncompressed soil and clay that makes up the berm. Only time will tell. If the new pond cannot match [More]
Over a three-day weekend, all my energy focused on completing the removal of the earth tractor ramp using only a shovel and wheelbarrow, I finally finished digging our fishing pond expansion! The next step is filling the new pond to match the level of the original pond to test for leakage and to determine where to install a second overflow pipe. Of course, there is a lot more work to be done, such as leveling the chunks of clay that make up the berm, spreading topsoil, planting grass seed, etc. Soon, I will dig out (most likely by hand) the [More]
Two pumps drawing water from a nearby stream for two days, aided by a half inch of rain, was not quite enough to fill up the new addition to our fishing pond. While the pond was filling, I added two cascading rockeries to cover up the clay steps and serve as habitats for fish to spawn and for crayfish to hide. Before the rains arrived, while the clay berm was still dry after days in the sun, I groomed the top of the berm, breaking up the chunks with a shovel and leveling out the surface using a rake. I [More]
While digging out the topsoil in a new section of our bass pond, I collected the earthworms and grubs for a “friendly fish feeding.” Watching the fish compete for a worm and feeling them tug on a hookless line was as much fun, and a lot less stressful for the fish, as catching them the conventional way. In the last scenes of this video, I show the slow-but-sure progress with the expansion of our bass pond, the objective being to double its size. By the way, the pond water chemistry tests I didwere all well within the range of a [More]
A new friend and permanent resident at Hidden Hollows, Johnny Kesner, kindly offered to help me dig out the new section of our small fishing pond with his Mahindra tractor. In just four hours time, first using the backhoe and then finding the soil soft enough to use the front loader, Johnny dug out the soft earth down to the top layer of clay (with a little relief from me), reaching a depth of at least 3 1/2 feet. It was a lot of fun taking a turn operating the tractor, but I never quite mastered the controls. Now with [More]