Amazing Hand Fishing Video Traditional Boy Catching Fish By Hand in Pond Water (Part-2)
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Amazing Fishing Video | Traditional Carp Fish Catching In Mud Water Pond | Fishing By Hand (Part-2). Beautiful Natural Village Pond Fishing By Hand The boys of the village are fishing from the pond with their hands very easily Thanks for watching the video Please Subscribe / Like & Share to See More Video Update. Thank You #kids_fishing #catching_fish #traditional_fishing #fish_video
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Video,,से मछली पकड़ता हुआ बालक ।। boy fishing by the pond ।। मछलीमार बालक विडिओ
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#fishing #netfishing #fishinginpakistanThat is the first ever video on fishing from District Chakwal, Village Parhal.In this video i will show you guys the traditional way of fish hunting in Pakistan. There are also multiple ways of fishing but Net fishing have a strong bond with history of Pakistan. Usually this method is used to catch fish from dams in Pakistan.Enjoy the video.
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In this bass fishing video, we go bank fishing for big bass while fishing with a chatter bait/chatter done. When it comes to bank fishing/pond fishing, one of my favorite baits to throw to catch big bass has to be the chatter bait. Have you ever been fishing with a chatter bait? Do you like the chatter bait bank fishing videos? Do you enjoy fishing with chatter bait? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos/bank fishing videos. Also, leave your feedback on the big bass fishing videos/chatter bait fishing videos. Now let’s go catch some big bass [More]
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