Fished Frisco Commons back in 2015 for Rainbow Trout. Was able to limit out using the same Tandem Rigged Olive Near Deere and trailing Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph (GRHEN) that we used at Waterloo on Saturday. Steady action with strikes typically happening as we switched from a short pull and retrieve to a slow swing of the rod. Did get several to take the Olive Near Deere later in the early evening using a fast retrieve. Then, as the evening hatch started was able to get one to take a Size 22 Griffith’s Gnat! Fun stuff!
Fished Frisco Commons in Frisco in 2017; steady action on Near Deere. Was able to limit out on Trout. Even caught an albino and two Bass as well. Lots of fun despite windy conditions and warm temps. Did see a number of fish taken with Silver Super Dupers, Kastmasters, and White Rooster Tails and the old standby Power Bait.
Made a quick trip to Frisco Commons Ponds for the evening bite in 2013! Trout were rising and schools were feeding on insects landing on the water. Caught two before it got dark using the Guadalupana, Switched to Dry Flies and could not get a strike. Went back to the Guadalupana and caught one more… Fun Stuff!