Okay Okay maybe there is a wacky rig thrown in there too….the Mississippi River at La Crosse is absolutely one of the most fun fisheries out there! Music: Champ …
Largemouth Bass Fishing: Frog Fishing 19 May 2012
This guy was out fishing in a private pond on his boat. He caught a fish and noticed that it had something coming out from its mouth. He pulled it out, and to his surprise, it turned out to be a whole frog almost equal to the size of the fish. He gagged a little while taking it out and threw it back in the pond.
Bass Fishing using a D.I.Y. Frog Lure and I teach you how to make them easily at home.
son nailed this 6lb TANK right at dark early April in cold water – Spro Bronze-eye frog
puddle jumping Aug 2012, throwing modified and repaired Ish’s Phat frog and modified Z-MAN Hardleg Frogz – some nice fish.
missed too many fish using this frog – look for the fishing footage in another video from this playlist. im blaming the hooks with points angled in toward center of lure.
got out twice this day and got a few nice fish on Ish’s Phat frog and ended the day with my kids
quick review of jackal iobee hollow frog and some fishing with it
first time throwing the bronze-eye popping frog (July 2012) and got a nice tub on it. also got a nice fish on the old koppers franken frog.
early april, cold water – 3 aggressive blowups on Boze Sumo Frog = 3 nice fish on the deck! Notice use of wrong gear for topwater frog fishing and how you can get away with it in open water situations.
some thoughts about the Strikeking Sexy frog that i got from walmart. other videos in this playlist will show the lure on the water.
9 lb 3 oz Bass Attacks Frog in the Air Beside the Boat! Top Water Bass Fishing with Lunker Frog.
one way to improve durability for hollow frogs
more discussion about differences between Boze Sumo Frog and other hollow frog lures – UPDATE: it seems that newer versions of Boze Sumo Frog are not made with the same quality as they were 15 yrs ago. Some of the newer ones I bought and tested, took on water and sank right out of the package – not recommended. if you must fish a hollow frog i recommend strongly Snagproof or Scumfrogs because both are made in America by American workers – support American made. In a soft plastic frog, hands down the best out there is the Z-MAN Hard [More]
Boze Sumo Frog was my go-to more than 10 years before Death Dealer Bart came about – made in China but a good balance of durable and good hookup ratios.
another Z-MAN topwater baits order – check it out