My Tackle Box Part 6 Hard Baits.
puddle jumping Aug 2012, throwing modified and repaired Ish’s Phat frog and modified Z-MAN Hardleg Frogz – some nice fish.
fine tuning my tweaks on the Z-MAN Hard Leg Frogz
look thru the playlist for more tweaking and fishing footage using Z-Man Hard Leg Frogz and Ultra Mouse
giant bass for my area, smashes the Z-MAN frog
Fishing Goods
For more revіеws please chеck amаzoп.сom Hisea Floating Crankbaits Fishing Lures Swimbaits Hard Baits Bass Tackle Treble Hooks 150mm 95g …
The best hard baits i use for bass fishing Rate,Comment and subscribe. thanks for watching.
One of my first bass fishing lures and it is still in my tackle box to this day. The hard body and tough materials makes this lure hard to break and it catch…