Fishing the ponds, lakes, rivers, and creeks from the mid west and beyond! . You will find videos featuring gear from the lightest of ultra light to the heaviest of heavy. This channel is dedicated to fishing purely for the fun and excitement of fishing! Enjoy!
I took out the kayak to explore a neighborhood pond I discovered and it was FIRE!!! I hope you all enjoy! ►Check out FLAIR gear here – Spend $25+ before May 15th to get entered to WIN a fishing trip with ME! GEAR USED►Plop Daddy SetupRod – Reel – Line – Lure – ►Senko SetupRod – Reel – Line – Lure – Hook – ►SwimJig SetupRod – Reel – Line – Lure – Trailer – ►Chatterbait SetupRod – Reel – Line – Lure – Trailer – ►SUBSCRIBE here – ►Check out FLAIR gear here – ►Check out my favorite Coffee [More]
Book a BIG BASS trip on Lake Comedero — Googan Squad Channel — Within less than 24hrs of touching down Mexico I landed the biggest bass of my entire life on one of the most epic lakes I’ve ever fished. –Young Plugg What I film with…Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera — BIG SHINY Lens — My Other Gear…Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack — Follow me on…SOUNDCLOUD — INSTAGRAM — TWITTER — SNAPCHAT: fishingthemwFACEBOOK — #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*
Part 1 of My diy secret fishing pond. This is a work in progress, its not finished and its not perfect, everything used in this project is either reused / repurposed ,found for free or cost very little. The. Pond is located in the woods with no roads or noticeable trails leading to it After its finished my family and i will attempt to raise fish in it to have another more sustainable food source here at our homestead
UPDATES: August 31, 2012 – A large snapping turtle has taken up residence in our pond. Should we leave it or remove it? July 4, 2012 – Feeding Fish in our Pond (second half of this short video): June 16, 2012 – Catching Small Fish in a Small Pond: May 1, 2012 – Year 2 – Releasing fish into our pond at Hidden Hollows: DESCRIPTION: Randy and Diane Wingett released 10 largemouth bass, 25 bluegill and 2 pounds of minnows purchased from Mid-Atlantic Stocking into a new pond at their Hidden Hollows property near Romney, West [More]
UPDATE: Year 2 fish are getting bigger! The catfish and bass have survived so far, despite visits by a very large snapping turtle, river otter, blue heron and green heron. For recent proof, check this 4th of July video “4th of July Lightning Storm at Hidden Hollows – Feeding Fish in our Pond” at times 1:40 and at 2:10 to see catfish surfacing for food pellets. The following weekend, I caught one of the catfish, which was at least double the size since release. On August 18, I caught three small bluegill and a hand-length bass. – rw ORIGINAL [More]
We found this nice area in Alabama while kayaking. This is the advantage of fishing in a kayak, even on the lake. This was filmed with the GoPro Hero 2. GoPro, GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero…
Dave and Keith went to the Duryea ponds. They were using live bait on a bobber and hooked into 7 bass. They missed a few more. Overall, it was a good day. Ba…