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A fisherman, Sarat Kumar Pradhan, went to harvest fish from a pond near his house on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar in eastern India on November 25 and was shocked to find two snakes in his net. One was a dangerous banded krait and another a harmless checkered keelback snake. A volunteer of Snake Helpline Arun Baral went to the spot and deftly cut the net with scissors to free the snakes. He also found that the net had trapped 11 crabs and three fish. Subhendu Mallik founder of Snake Helpline said: “The checkered keelback was probably trapped while trying to [More]
A quick clip of small mouth bass fishing with some nonsense mumbled over it.
Fishing for smallmouth bass on indian pond near moosehead lake in Maine. Me and double J.
Fishing for small mouth bass on Indian pond near moosehead lake in Sept of 2011. Me and double J. Lots of fish and a couple in the 3-3.5 lb range.