We catch these occassionally down here. This one was about 25 plus inches long. When you are bass fishing and get a bite and set the hook and you feel your line get cut, this is usually the culprit.
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Fishing Lure Tips – Large Baits for Large Bass
I leave the skeeter at home and hits the bank for some big pond dwelling buckets!
Bass Fishing-6+lb Pond Large Mouth On Clatterbrat Lure
Driving around asking permission or Tresbassing on some local ponds. Only a week away for some suskie hogs. Working on making my own ice rod for BLOODKNOT101 Ice Rod Fish Off, guna cannibalize a old Berkley rob and Turn a handle out of Santos Mahogany. Hope to get a video of all that. Thanks for watching
STEP 1: For gear, KEEP IT SIMPLE. All you need is a cane, fiberglass or graphite pole, available at a bait shop or discount store for about 10 bucks. Also buy a small spool of monofilament fishing line (6- or 8-pound test for fresh water, 10- or 12-pound test for salt water), a couple of plastic bobbers, some split shot sinkers (BB size) and some hooks (size 2 for small bait, up to size 3/0 for bigger bait). A small tackle box with divided trays and a carrying handle keeps it all organized. STEP 2: Bait. You can buy minnows, [More]
Spring Spawning Large Mouth Bass Fishing with strictly Strike King Spinnerbaits. A variety of weights and colors were used. THE BIG BASS OF THE DAY IS AT THE…
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Fly Fishing with my son and caught this big Bass.
Entice big fish like muskie and largemouth bass by using LARGE lures with a realistic retrieve. School’s in session at http://bassprofessor.com.
Caught this one after a few fights with it and some hard work.
WATCH IN HD. I went out to try the BBB Rad Shad and caught my 2nd biggest bass of my life go check him out at http://www.bigboybaitco.com/
John Shaw and Mark Kile fish a small pond in the city limits of Phoenix Arizona.
Hey guys sorry its been a while i got a new camera so happy to try it out! Tags: TexasBassBros fishing in the winter private pond large mouth bass.
Too windy for the gulf fishing, so decided to try my luck bass fishing with all the gear I’ve received from Tackle Grab. See the full review of Tackle Grab a…