Straight from the pages of Bass West USA Magazine, Bass West USA Television brings the iconic publication to life for its millions of readers and viewers. Utilizing the most cutting-edge, western techniques, the Bass West USA team travels our Nation’s lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in search of GIANT bass.
Largemouth Bass Fishing in Alentejo
Night Fishing for Largemouth Bass
Kayak fishing for largemouth bass at big sandy plantation just outside of macon georgia.
Watch this episode and more at http://www.wildtv.caWith three Ranger boats and three separate plans, North American Fisherman hosts Eric Haataja, George Liddle, and Karen Savik try to solve a new body of water and compete to see who can put more fish in the boat.4846
Largemouth Bass Fishing _Part A
Wi largemouth bass fishingNeed new shirts, get it at http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts, get it at
Largemouth Bass Fishing: Frog Fishing 19 May 2012
Fall bass fishing can be very tough depending on where you are fishing in the country. Here in the midwest it is very hit or miss. In this video I explain what my .\r\rPitching and skipping docks is a great late-summer/early-fall tactic to catch largemouth bass. Hooked Up! Host Greg Huff and guest .\r\rIts October and the water temp is in the mid 70s. This means the shad are beginning their fall migration towards the back of the creeks. Here is how I search for .\r\rJP DeRose explains why fishing rock and weed lines with a flipping setup in [More]
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2016 California Delta Bass Fishing ( 5 Pound Crankbait Largemouth Bass)
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Seven Pound Bass on a Buzzbait. Topwater Largemouth Bass Fishing.
How to Catch Largemouth Bass Along a Weed Edge – Bass Fishing the Detroit River using the Flexi-Jig
How to Fish For Summer Largemouth Bass -wisconsin tournament bass fishing strategy
Here’s some footage of a short Largemouth outing in Muskoka, Ontario. Erik Luzak of GetReeled, pulled in a nice 4.7 pounder (and had a “BASS-GASM”. Unlike the south, they don’t tend to get much larger in this area. Nice fish.
Bass Fishing Never Has Been Easier With Bass Bait Cloud. BaitCloud is a Fish Attractant. Bass Baitcloud works whether from your boat, kayak or from shore. Toss Bass Bait Cloud into the water or fasten it to your fishing rods line and bring the bass to you. Bass detect their prey primarily by sight, sound, and water vibration. When bass hears or feels the presence of Bait Cloud, the bass swims over to investigate the bait. Bass Bait Cloud uses this multi-sensory approach to attract the bass in the area. What lures do I need for bass fishing?Here are ten [More]