A minimum fine carbon black content of 2.0% provides excellent protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Manufactured from virgin resins, Aqua Flex does not contain plasticizers which can migrate to the surface, causing premature aging and degradation.
Which is pond is better; a rubber liner pond, or a concrete pond?
First video of a four part series showing how to build the most common form of fish pond. It is a basic shape hole with shelves and a cascade built into a mound of soil formed from the excavated material. http://www.tynevalleyaquatics.co.uk http://www.pondguru.co.uk This video shows how we shaped the hole, laid the underlay and liner and then cut out the correct shape for the cascade. In part 2, I build the cascade. Additional tags: pondguru tyne valley aquatics tropical fish for sale mail order tropical fish how to build a koi pond how to make a wildlife pond how to [More]
In this video i show you how i turned a water pit into an all natural pond without pond liner. This pond requires very low maintenance but some local conditions have to be met for it to function. Thank you for watching, feel free to subscribe or comment if you have questions.