We started off Bass Fishing and decided to catch a couple Bluegill for lunch. We cleaned, cooked, and ate them off a hot fire. The fire was started with a Bear Grylls knife. We had a great day fishing with 20-30 bass caught with the biggest being 4.72 pounds. FISHING PRODUCTS USED ——————————————–\r\rHot Lures/Baits !!!\r*Senko – \r*Hula Grub – \r\rMy Jigging Setup\r*Rod Info – \r*Reel Info – \r*Line Info – \r\rMy Cranking Setup\r*Rod Info – ( mine is 7 )\r*Reel Info – \r*Line Info – \r\rMy Spinnerbait Setup\r*Rod Info – ( mine is 76 )\r*Reel Info – \r*Line Info – [More]