You will be hard pressed to find a more aesthetically appealing lure than this. Combining an internal balsa wood body reminiscent of classic Rapala minnows with a outer body of tough plastic the BX minnow offers the best of both worlds. The craftsmanship is truly top tier. Subtleties of the lure such as scale reflection and transitioning colors make for unrivaled realism. The absolute top attribute was Rapalas decision to use clear materials in the body so as to allow the user to see the inner wooden body. When Im not fishing this lure I may put it in a [More]
Catching pike on minnow wobbler. Fishing for pike in the early spring.
Sashimi Minnow SW & Jerkbait SW
Sashimi Minnow SW & Jerkbait SW The innovative feature that set’s this bait apart from other minnow style lures is the Patented Sashimi Color Change Technology. As the lure moves through the water it is constantly changing colors imitating the natural behavior of wild minnows.
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Night 3D minnow lure hard bait. Easy to use Night Fishing and in darkness water. *Kindly Request* Don’t fishing. Exception of the important work and the food requirements. Otherwise, they are hurt. (They should not be a punishment for our amusement) So, Customize useful for hunting and fishing. Thank you for watching. Share this message world wide.
Total black crappie in the video: 13 Total walleye in the video: 4 Total smallmouth bass in the video: 1 Best black crappie in the video: 6:14 or 6:58 Best walleye in the video: 0:00 Best smallmouth bass in the video: 9:20 I was fishing at a river and pond in New York during fall (early October, 2014). I started fishing at a river by jigging a 1/8 oz. berkley gulp minnow jig for walleye. That morning and later around sunset, I fished with 1/16 oz. berkley gulp minnow jigs and curly tail jigs for black crappie in a pond. [More]
An action packed fishing session with Luke Maow Bear at the I.W.F C&R Pond with the new Zerek Live Flash Minnow. He goes into detail on how he prefers to set…
Just messing around with the Banjo Minnows got some a couple of years ago and never really tried them.
(Watch on HD setting for best quality!) Fishing in Southern California, Inland Empire area. I spotted several sma…