Trout Fishing Private South Dakota Pond – Midwest Fishing Dude
In this video I fish for bass at a private pond with my brother. Big fish of the day at 6:24 If you want to see more fishing videos like this make sure to click the like . Hello! My names Jake/aka The Almighty. Im a Gamer, Surfer, Artists, Angler and Director of @RedReserve with 180000+ Subscribers on YouTube! I upload a .
We had a great time out at this pond i hope to go back there and catch some more we got them on almost everything we threw great day.
Summertime Bass Fishing | LOCK3TV During the hot summer months what other way to pass some time then some summert time private pond bass fishing!? WWW.LOCK3TV.COM FACEBOOK.COM/LOCKTHREETV TWITTER @LOCKTHREETV INSTAGRAM @LOCK3TV
O.k. I promise this is the last bass video this year! These guys are never fished, and bit just about everything in my tackle box!!
Enjoy a quick look at some fishing we did in a little pond we found on private land while camping. Don’t worry, we received permission to fish! Waters like this pond, the weather, and the awesome fish are all elements of our love for the beautiful state of Colorado. Songs: Liberty by the Flying W Wranglers Colorado Home by the Flying W Wranglers
Ice fishing at a private pond with tip ups, and jigging rods. I hope you guys Enjoy!
Shannon from is escorted off property by a police officer after fishing in a private pond!
Created by Pondoys Angling Adventures.
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Bass Fishing up at our private pond somewhere in Ventura.
turned out to be a good day at a local private pond in houston tx.
Jackson, Michael, and Josh have been putting the hurting on the Bass!!! 85 Bass in 120 minutes, Ten crappie on the fly rod! All video was taken using a GoPro…
So I’m at this private pond fishing for carp and I’m using a Shakespeare telegraphic fishing rod that i got off amazon and it works perfectly.