Fishing Pond Expansion X2 Progress
Catching Bass and Bluegill in our Pond – Pond Expansion Progress – ATV Ride
Once my friend had excavated enough of the loose dirt from the new section of the our fishing pond with his tractor, exposing the clay, I dug a shelf along the banks to a depth where water would be unlikely to seep through. Then I back-filled the shelf with the clay by hand using a shovel. I hope my hard labor was worth the effort!
This video documents slow but sure progress with digging out a second expansion (X2) of our new fishing pond expansion by hand using a shovel and wheelbarrow. In between the pond work, there are various nature scenes, Diane and I tossing garden grubs into the pond to feed the fish, harvesting worms in our wetlands, rescuing two Bluegill (?) trapped in our wetlands that had escaped from a pond up stream, and then catch and release fishing in our original fishing pond. Even though we only caught Bluegill, it was a lot of fun for us, but did you enjoy [More]
Progress is slow but sure with manually digging out the second expansion to our fishing pond. Once I have removed all of the sod, the clay from the original berm, and have dug out the top soil to about a depth of one foot, I hope to get some help from my neighbor who has a tractor to dig out this new section to a depth of at least four feet. I will leave a wall between this new section and the main pond so that during the dry season this summer, I can pump out the water to complete [More]
While digging out the topsoil in a new section of our bass pond, I collected the earthworms and grubs for a “friendly fish feeding.” Watching the fish compete for a worm and feeling them tug on a hookless line was as much fun, and a lot less stressful for the fish, as catching them the conventional way. In the last scenes of this video, I show the slow-but-sure progress with the expansion of our bass pond, the objective being to double its size. By the way, the pond water chemistry tests I didwere all well within the range of a [More]